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Unlock the full potential of Pinterest with this dynamic duo: the Pinterest Optimization Kit and Pinterest Strategy Planner! Elevate your Pinterest game with stunning templates, comprehensive workbooks, and expert guidance. Drive traffic, leads, and sales like never before. Click now to revolutionize your Pinterest marketing strategy!

With this combo, you’re getting:

  • 2 workbooks
    • Pinterest Marketing Planner
    • Pinterest Optimization Workbook
  • 15 Pin templates
  • 5 board cover templates
  • Profile board cover template
  • Spreadsheet Tracker to manage all your Pinterest campaigns

And you’ll be saving $10 over buying them separately!



With this money-saving bundle you will transform the way you approach Pinterest marketing forever! The Pinterest Growth Kit is your ultimate secret weapon in dominating the Pinterest platform.

Omni Media Designs - Pinterest Strategy Planner


  • A 71-page Pinterest Marketing Planner: Your roadmap to designing a stunning, branded marketing campaign that will attract your ideal client like a magnet.
  • 10 Pin Templates: Beautifully designed templates that will make your pins pop and stand out in a crowded feed.
  • A feature-rich Tracker: Keep tabs on your keyword research, board details, pinning schedule, links, pin designs, and more with this comprehensive tracker.
Omni Media Designs - Pinterest Optimization Kit


  • A 35-page Optimization Workbook: Your step-by-step guide to building a solid, cohesive Pinterest account that will leave your competitors in the dust.
  • 5 Board Cover Templates: Because first impressions matter, and these templates will make sure your boards look sleek and professional.
  • 5 Pin Templates: Eye-catching graphics that will stop the scroll and get your content noticed.
  • Profile Board Cover: Because every detail counts when it comes to making a killer first impression.
Omni Media Designs - Pinterest Optimization Kit


One of the standout features of our combo is the comprehensive guidance and templates provided in both the Optimization Kit and the Strategy Planner. The The 35-page Optimization Workbook in this Kit serves as a detailed roadmap, guiding users through the process of building a solid and cohesive Pinterest account. From optimizing profile details to crafting eye-catching pins, every step of the journey is covered. In the Strategy Planner, users are equipped with a 71-page Marketing Planner that is a strategic guide for designing a branded marketing campaign.

Omni Media Designs - Pinterest Optimization Kit


At the core of this kit is the goal of helping users maximize their Pinterest marketing potential. Pinterest is a powerful platform for driving traffic, leads, and sales, but harnessing its full potential requires a strategic approach. These resources empower users to do just that by providing them with the tools, guidance, and templates needed to create a standout presence on Pinterest. By optimizing your account, designing eye-catching pins, and implementing a strategic marketing plan, you can attract your ideal audience, increase engagement, and ultimately achieve your business goals. With this Kit, you can unlock the immense marketing potential that Pinterest holds and take your business to new heights.

Omni Media Designs - Pinterest Optimization Kit


This kit is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s tailored to meet the unique needs of marketers, coaches, service providers, and product sellers. Whether you’re just starting out on Pinterest or looking to level up your existing strategy, the resources provide the flexibility and customization options you need to succeed. With customizable templates and workbooks, users can adapt the materials to suit their specific industry, target audience, and branding requirements. The versatility of the kit ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated into any marketing strategy, regardless of niche or business type.

Here’s the best part: When you combine the power of the Pinterest Optimization Kit and Pinterest Strategy Planner, you’ll create a Pinterest marketing powerhouse that will leave your competition in the dust and drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your business than you ever thought possible.


Start today to increase your visibility and reach!

You Have Questions?

Is this a done-for-me Pinterest plan?

No, this is not done-for-you content. While it does provide the complete framework to use Pinterest to its full advantage, YOU have to do the work.

How do I know this Planner is a good fit for my business?

The Pinterest Strategy Planner is ideal for coaches, service providers, bloggers, and other creatives looking to set up a Pinterest Business account to generate sales, leads, and traffic from Pinterest.

Basically, if you sell, you can use the plan to drastically improve your conversion rates on Pinterest.

Are the pin templates the same ones from the Optimization Kit?

No, these are 10 additional templates. When you get the Optimization Kit and this planner, you get a total of 15 pin templates to use in your strategy!

Is the same spreadsheet from the Optimization Kit?

Nope. This spreadsheet gives you a place to keep your template links, your keyword research, your board descriptions, your Communities list, and all the monthly planning for your Pinterest strategy. This thing is invaluable to maintaining a great Pinterest account!

How will this help me update and optimize my account?

Inside the Pinterest Optimization Kit you will have access to:

  • 35 page Optimization Workbook

  • 5 Board Cover Templates customizable in Canva

  • 5 Pin Templates customizable in Canva

  • Profile Board Cover customizable in Canva

  • Spreadsheet Tracker for your keyword research, board details, and more!

How easy is it to implement the strategies and tactics provided in the Pinterest Optimization Kit?

This kit is designed for the beginner or the more advanced Pinterest pinner. The Canva templates included are easily branded to your business. You’ll have board covers to make your account look as cohesive as your website and social media accounts. 

You’ll have pin templates to customize to your offerings, products, and services. 

And the workbook & spreadsheet will give you a place to brainstorm your keywords, links, pinning schedule, and all other relevant info to make you Pinterest account uniquely yours.

How do I brand the templates? Do I need a paid Canva account?

It’s so easy! You’ll get an access link to use these templates in your Canva account, then adjust the colors, fonts, and logo. Add your graphics, your call to action, and boom – you have branded templates.

And no, you don’t need the paid version of Canva, these are all designed in the free version!

Can the Pinterest Optimization Kit help me if I'm new to Pinterest marketing?

Absolutely! In fact, if you use the Pinterest Optimization Kit to start your Pinterest account and marketing plan, you’ll be a step ahead of other pinners.

When you have a solid foundation to your Pinterest account with the right keywords, marketing strategy, and a beautifully aesthetic account – you’ll be able to focus on pinning and bringing in the right customers from the beginning!

Please note, due to the instant digital delivery of this product, there are NO REFUNDS issued!

What’s Holding You Back?

Don’t let another day go by without harnessing the incredible marketing potential of Pinterest. Click the order button now and get ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level with our Pinterest Optimization Kit and Pinterest Strategy Planner. Your audience is waiting – it’s time to give them the Pinterest experience they deserve!


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