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Let’s get you 2 steps ahead. Here you’ll find all the Done-For-You or the Done-with-You specialty projects to help you get your business working the way you dreamed.

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Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur ready to take the plunge or a seasoned business owner feeling the weight of burnout, there’s something transformative waiting for you inside the Discover Your Passion – Love Your Business Guidebook.

Business Management

Done For You

Not sure how to Manage Your To-Do List or Time?

Think of me as more than an Accountability Partner, I’m also your human diary (yes I accept all the brain dumps), your biggest supporter, your tech support, your digital organizer, your strategist, and your butt-kicking


VIP Project Days

Businesses don’t run themselves, and sometimes, you don’t need that long-term Virtual Assistant to hang out waiting for work to do.

That’s when you need a VIP day to focus, get clarity, make a plan, and implement the steps and systems to scale and grow your business.

Focused Strategy Session

You’re stuck on what to do next, what to share, what to say, and how to scale your business.

When you need an outside source to get your creative thoughts flowing – you’ll walk away from this 90-minute session with a clear, focused plan ready to implement.

Business Management

Done With You

Entrepreneur Roadmap

From the daunting endeavor of pinpointing your niche in a saturated market to the relentless pressure of outpacing your competitors, the entrepreneurial journey presents a myriad of challenges. End the feelings of uncertainty and begin with a few easy tools and tasks.

Omni Media Designs - Certified Squirrel Herder

Squirrel Herder Membership

Stop Chasing those shiny objects and crazy squirrels! Take control of your business, build a consistent income, and create a lasting legacy. This unique monthly membership gives you all the tools you need to build a business you love.

Digital Asset Design

Uniquely designed planners, catalogs, and workbooks, branded just for you. Need a special workbook for your next webinar, retreat, or program? How about a product catalog your clients can download and browse on their own time? In print, PDF, online, or digital.

Creative designs For My Awesome Clients:

Click on a Logo to Visit the site designed by Omni Media Designs

Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers

Frequently Asked Questions

I've worked with a coach before... How are you different?
Well, I am unbelievably awesome, so there’s that! (and quirky, and funny, and fun to work with (at least, that’s what I’ve been told)) Lol. 
More importantly, though, I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist. We work together to tell YOUR story. I am here to help YOU. I listen to what YOU need. How your business runs best for YOU. I’m not here to teach a whole new way to run your business or market your business. I’m here to help you learn all the possible opportunities available as you learn to share your adventures, your struggles, and your successes.
After all, the story is yours. The business is yoursYour fans don’t want to hear my story, they’ve come to hear YOURS!
Why would I want to hire, yet another, coach?

Let me guess…

You’re ready to do the work, but you don’t know which steps to actually take or in what order they should be done.

You’re totally embarrassed and confused by one too many strategy calls, masterclasses, and the discomforting number of $37 magic pills.

Then, there’s the coach that charged you an exorbitant amount, and basically told you you were the problem.

Here’s the thing, I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist, I help you tell YOUR story, not tell you what to do.

Plus, I’ve helped more business owners in that position than I’d like to admit. I’ve been there! And I have plenty of success stories to show I know what I’m doing.

What are you waiting for? Book your call!

I really don't know where to start. What's your suggestion?
Let’s start small.
First…stop overthinking it.
Should I start my own business? Is it even worth the effort?
That’s a great question. And the answer depends on number of factors.
First, are there others who are doing something similar? 
2nd, you have to be willing to make a few sacrifices to make a business successful.
C. Do you know what your super powers are?
Finally, why not grab the free guidebook Discover Your Passion, Love Your Business and make sure your passion can be profitable. You’ll find that link down below. Or you can click here to learn more about it
Okay, but I don't even know what you mean by creating an authentic, passionate business. What do I need? Can you help?
Of course I can help, it’s what I do!
First, schedule a strategy session here, we’ll discuss where you are in your current business strategy (if you have one), what you want with a well-planned business strategy, where you want to be when the strategy is implemented, and how we can get you comfortable sharing your authentic self.
The process isn’t hard, but you have to be willing to put in the work. I can’t tell your story for you, but I can show you how to tell it with ease, with honesty, and with a flair that will turn your followers into raving fans. And those fans into happy buyers.
Do you offer Online Business Management if I don't want to do it myself?
We can chat about that on a Q&A call if you are interested in exploring this option.

Not Sure Which Service Is Right For You?

I get it! Squirrel! Squirrel! There are so many options and they all sound great. Let’s talk about what you have already, what you think you want, and where you need to go to get your business bringing in clients and making money!

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your workbook Discover Your Purpose

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Discover Your Purpose Guidebook

Where Can I Send

The Resilience Unleashed Guidebook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Resilience Unleashed Guidebook

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