Let’s Make It Happen!

Let’s get you 2 steps ahead. Here you’ll find all the Done-For-You or the Done-with-You specialty projects to help you get your business working the way you dreamed.

Online Business Management

Not sure how to Manage Your To-Do List or Time?

Think of me as more than an Accountability Partner, I’m also your human diary (yes I accept all the brain dumps), your biggest supporter, your tech support, your digital organizer, your strategist, and your butt-kicking


VIP Project Days

Businesses don’t run themselves, and sometimes, you don’t need thst long-term Virtual Assistant to hang out waiting for work to do.

Sometimes, you just need a day to focus, get clarity, make a plan, and implement the steps and systems to scale and grow your business.

Focused Strategy Session

When you’re stuck on what to write, what to say, and how to scale your business.

Sometimes, you need an outside source to get your creative thoughts flowing.  You’ll walk away from this 90-minute session with a clear, focused plan ready to implement.

Self-Paced Learning

You’re the DIY type that wants to learn on your own time. Fabulous! Here are all the easy-to-follow courses to guide you through the steps so you can get your business up and running on your schedule. From funnel building to setting boundaries, being a confident entrepreneur has never been easier

Omni Media Designs - Certified Squirrel Herder

Squirrel Herder Membership

Stop Chasing those shiny objects and crazy squirrels! Take control of your business, build a consistent income, and create a lasting legacy. This unique monthly membership gives you all the tools you need to build a business you love.

Digital Asset Design

Uniquely designed planners, catalogs, and workbooks, branded just for you. Need a special workbook for your next webinar, retreat, or program? How about a product catalog your clients can download and browse on their own time? In print, online, or digital.

Creative designs For Awesome Clients:

Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers
Fun & Feisty Caregivers

Not Sure Which Service Is Right For You?

I get it! Squirrel! Squirrel! There are so many options and they all sound great. Let’s talk about what you have already, what you think you want, and where you need to go to get your business bringing in clients and making money!

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