Stop Chasing Those Shiny Squirrels

Take control of your business, build a solid foundation, learn how to run the backend, and create a lasting legacy…

Let’s make planning, creating, and building a sustainable income with your business super easy!

You’ve got a product or service you know helps people.

You’ve started (or had the incredible dream to start) a beneficial, successful business.

But you’ve stalled, and you don’t know what to do, what tools to use, or how to get unstuck.

Without an intentional strategy, a purposeful online presence, and a solid, scalable business plan, everything you are currently doing with your business is failing. Let’s change that…

Learn how to be a Squirrel Herder

Inside the monthly membership, you get…


Quarterly Intention Planning Sessions

The first month of each quarter, we meet via Zoom to map out growth goals, set up intentions, create vision plans, and take the steps to build strong foundations.


Monthly Mini-Lessons

Access to mini “2-steps ahead” lessons on things like authenticity, digital clutter, promotional planning, and more… they are get-it-done plans that are actually fun!


All Access Pass

As long as you are a member, you will get access to all courses, templates, and planners during the yearly (Jan-Dec) membership.


Co-Working & Q&A Calls

These sessions are designed to give you focused accountability and answer business-building questions that arise. These sessions are only available to subscribers of The Squirrel Herders.

You need a strategist and an idea-brainstorm-mind-glitter bestie to help you get two steps ahead. Let’s work together to get your systems and processes in place so you can focus on your business, and stop chasing squirrels.


Wouldn’t It Be Great To…

Know what the next steps are to make a regular income

Spend less time running your business and more time loving it

Have a consistent, sustainable, repeatable business plan

Confidently know your business is designed to leave a lasting legacy

Here’s A Sneak Peak…

Monthly Mini-Lessons

These quick (15-30 minute) mini-lessons will help you build skills and a knowledge base to give you what you need to be the business owner you were designed to be. Lessons include building self-confidence, digital organization, time-blocking, and more.

Quarterly Intention Planning

Goal planning can be daunting, but we take a different approach to this business past time. We set intentions. There’s nothing wrong with setting goals, but I’ve learned a clear step-by-step plan is much more appealing than big, hairy-scary goals.

All Access Pass

With your paid monthly membership, you will have access to all current and future courses presented during the yearly membership. Courses like Passion to Profit, Magnetize Your Audience, Passion to Product, Product Launch Bootcamp, Black Friday Blast, and others.

The Squirrel Herders Facebook Group

Alone we do so little, but together we can do so much! With membership, you get access to the private Squirrel Herders Facebook group where you can collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs to get stuff done, ask questions, and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get to keep my monthly membership price forever?

Well, forever is a long time and I know I’m not immortal, but…

Yes, you will keep the price you signed up with as long as you are an active member!

We all know prices can change at any time, so please know that if you cancel you may not be guaranteed the price you signed up with.

Where will this be hosted? How do I access all the benefits?

You will have a unique login to the Thrivecart Learn+ site where you will find all the amazing benefits of this monthly membership.

What is a mini-lesson and what I can expect in them?

Every month I create a video presenting a topic that will move your business forward. Sometimes the lessons are one-and-done, others are month-long projects, and others are ongoing.

Topics include: cleaning your inbox, decluttering your download folders, organizing your Canva account, designing an eye-catching freebie, and others.

How much support do I get with this membership?

If you have questions and want help, you can submit your question(s) via email to be addressed in Q&As as they are hosted.

Please note, there is no 1-1 coaching in this membership. Any On-Demand Support or VIP Days are additional investments.

How long do I have access to the materials and assets?

You’ll have access to all resources as long as you are a paying member. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose access to all resources inside the membership area.

You will still retain access to any resources and courses you have purchased separately.

Can I get a refund? What is your refund policy?

Since you will receive immediate access to all assets inside the member area and many are digital downloads, there are no refunds for this membership, but you can cancel future payments at any time.

I also don’t draw out this process – you’ll get access to the cancellation link inside your member portal and no one will chase you around 😉

What are you Waiting for?

Get Started Today!!!

It’s time to join the Squirrel Herders because you want to build excitement, grow your business, and help your raving fans!

Ready to simplify your business? Ready to grow your online confidence?

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Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your workbook Discover Your Purpose

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Discover Your Purpose Guidebook

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