Stop Chasing Those Shiny Squirrels

Take control of your business, build a solid foundation, create a lasting legacy, and LOVE the work you do…

Let’s make planning, creating, and building a sustainable income with your business super easy!


You’ve got a product or service you know helps people.

You’ve started (or have the incredible dream to start) a business. But your progress has stalled, you don’t know what to do next, what tools to use, or how to get unstuck.

Before you become overwhelmed in another expensive, information-based program, course, or workbook; take action and make your success story a reality!

Herd Those Squirrels

…it’s not about chasing actual squirrels around the yard. It’s about accountability and motivation. It’s creating simple systems that are easy to use. It’s learning how to focus, end distraction, and take action.

Herding Squirrels is about building a strong business foundation that will continue to support you as you grow your business. Think about it: finally ticking off the big items on your to-do list. Joining a group of like-minded, motivated, action takers who are having fun.

Each month we will focus on a task or tool, creating a plan and implementing the steps to make it happen. When you see progress, the overwhelm fades.

Your passion returns, your inspiration returns, you start to enjoy the dream you created.

I know you’ve tried multiple programs, courses, and memberships to build, scale, and grow your business, but

This Isn’t Your Typical Membership




Goal planning can be daunting, but we take a different approach to this business past time. We set intentions. There’s nothing wrong with setting goals, but I’ve learned a clear step-by-step plan is much more appealing than big, hairy-scary goals.




The quick (15-30 minute) mini-lessons will help you build skills and a knowledge base to give you what you need to be the business owner you were designed to be. Each month you’ll have a clear focus with milestones to measure your progress




Alone we do so little, but together we can do so much! With membership, you get access to the private Squirrel Herders Facebook group where you can collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs to get stuff done, ask questions, and have fun!


– Tom Landry


Hey, Hello!

Nice To Meet You

A little about me… I’m a kid at heart, I love a challenge, a strategically filled pack, and a good ole fashioned adventure! And sometimes, I like to imagine I’m an explorer in a strange land. To be honest, the journey I’ve had as an entrepreneur has been me floundering around trying to figure it all out by myself. When I started this business 11 years ago, there weren’t too many people wanting to share the secrets of building a business.

So, I decided I would. And I would make it easy for others, none of the fluff and stuff others pass off as help. I tell it like it is, break it down to the simplest instructions, and give you the tools you need to make your passion profitable.

I have an unwavering belief that anyone can succeed, even you! I work to design easy-to-use solutions so anyone can transform their passion into purpose. I want to foster spaces that empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves, because the world is waiting for your unique impact – and nobody knows it until you show it!


… never knowing what the next steps are to make a consistent income


… struggling to create a consistent, sustainable, repeatable business plan


… completely overwhelmed by all the information overload, fluff filled courses, and overpriced programs out there


… spending so much time running your business and no time for your family or yourself


… you cannot focus enough to stay on task with 100s of unfinished plans and ideas


… spinning your wheels to make your bank account reflect your financial dreams







What’s included?

Quarterly Intention Planning

The first month of each quarter, we meet via Zoom to map out growth goals, set up intentions, create vision plans, and take the steps to build strong foundations.

Incredible Resources

Access to unique tools that provide you with the shortcut the progress. From gorgeous templates to tailored workbooks, and more… they are get-it-done tools that are actually valuable!

Co-Working and Q&A Calls

These sessions are designed to give you focused accountability and answer business-building questions that arise. These sessions are only available to subscribers of The Squirrel Herders.


One Big Project Each Month

There are 1000s of shiny squirrels running around in the entrepreneurial world. I know, I used to chase them. Knowing you need to create a lead magnet to attract, set up the funnel to sell, write newsletters to keep them, build a landing page, have a service package, offer products, membership, and ALL the other things involved with running a business.

Relax, I got you! Each month we focus on one big project to push your business forward. We will cover tools, tasks, and plans that create sustainable, repeatable growth.


What We Focus On


How The Membership Works


Each theme will be announced in an email on the 1st day of the month. You will have access to the content on the first Monday of that month.



The first week will be a video with all the details, instructions, and examples you will need to get started on your project. Videos will run between 15-30 minutes for quick learning.



You’ll also have access to all the assets that will help you finish the project with ease. These can include beautiful templates, AI prompts, checklists, and workbooks. The assets will differ each month, but they will get your creativity flowing.



Live Co-Working Calls will happen the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm CST. You will be invited to join other Squirrel Herders as we all work together to get the project moving in the right direction and check off the to-do list for the month.



Don’t worry about rearranging your schedule or rushing to finish the project by the end of the month, there are no penalties. All calls will be recorded, and you will have access to the videos, assets, and recordings as long as you are a paying member.



Have questions, concerns, or get stuck with something? Help is just an email away. We’ll also have live Q&As each month. The date and time will be announced in the monthly email.



One of my favorite parts is motivation and inspiration. You’ll get a special invite to be part of a supportive community where you can get feedback, ask questions, and get all kinds of encouragement.



To keep you on track, every quarter we will get together and work through our intention planning. Creating vision boards, steps, and purposeful plans to grow our business!



Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join the Squirrel Herders?

This is a monthly membership, the cost during the introductory period is $20.

You will keep the price you signed up with as long as you are an paying member.

We all know prices can change at any time, so please know that if you cancel you may not be guaranteed the price you signed up with.

What is the monthly project and what I can expect from them?

Every month I create a video presenting a topic that will move your business forward. Sometimes the lessons are one-and-done, others are month-long projects, and others are ongoing.

Topics include: organizing your digital clutter, creating a striking sales page (like this one!), designing an eye-catching freebie, mapping your customer journey, and others.

No matter what project is presented, you won’t be left on your own to work through it. You’ll be given the tools, tasks, and help you need to make it happen. You just have to bring the willingness to learn and do the work.

Where will this be hosted? How do I access all the benefits?

You will have a unique login to the Thrivecart Learn+ site where you will find all the amazing benefits of this monthly membership.

How much support do I get with this membership?

If you have questions and want help, you can submit your question(s) via email to be addressed in Q&As as they are hosted.

Live co-working is held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and live Q&As are announced at the beginning of each month.

Please note, there is no 1-1 coaching in this membership. Any On-Demand Support or VIP Days are additional investments.

How long do I have access to the materials and assets?

You’ll have access to all resources as long as you are a paying member. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose access to all resources inside the membership area.

You will still retain access to any resources and courses you have purchased separately.

What if I don't like the Squirrel Herding?

Although I have worked hard to make this a robust program and my hope is that you’ll reach out so we can make this what you need, if you do feel the Squirrel Herders is not right for you, I do offer a 7-day no-questions asked, money-back guarantee, and will refund you.

Of course, you can cancel your membership at any time after the first 7 days. I also don’t draw out this process – you’ll get access to the cancellation link inside your member portal and no one will chase you around 😉

Believe In Yourself!

Inside The Squirrel Herders members portal, you will find all the tools, tips, training, and support to get you moving ahead, feeling confident, and creating a lasting legacy!

It’s time to let go of your procrastination, your perfectionism, and any other things holding you back. Let’s make this dream a lucrative reality!

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your workbook Discover Your Purpose

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Discover Your Purpose Guidebook

Where Can I Send

The Resilience Unleashed Guidebook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Resilience Unleashed Guidebook

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