Hey, I'm Katy
I am a Pinterest Geek, Digital Organizer, Content Creation Strategist, and Squirrel Herder… It's a lot, I know, I'm just multi-passionate and enthusiastic about all the possibilities.
Scratching your head about the Squirrel Herder thing? It started as a joke, but it fit so well, I kept it. See, I'm guilty of collecting shiny objects, indulging in procrastination, and well...chasing squirrels. When I got tired of the chaos, I decided it was time to stop chasing, and start herding all the craziness those squirrels created.
Over my lifetime, I’ve moved a lot. I enjoy exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and watching life from several different angles depending on the location I’m in – it has taught me how the same facts can be viewed from such differing perspectives. My entrepreneurial journey has given me extensive experience in digital planner design, digital data organization, graphic design, and project management.
I love to create stuff, organize stuff, and I love using technology. More importantly, I love helping people. My personal favorite has got to be cutting through the chaos, creating an actionable plan, throwing some tech at it, and making it a reality – fast. (Herding those Squirrels!)

You see, when you move as often as I have, you develop certain skills: you learn to come up to speed super quick, whether it’s blending into the new environment, figuring out how to make your stuff fit in a new place, or navigating new roads in search of the perfect hole-in-the-wall diner.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to explore, experience, and help as much as I can each day as an awesome multi-passionate entrepreneur.

  • Squirrel Herding 89% 89%
  • Digital Design Creations 95% 95%
  • Content Creation Strategy 85% 85%
You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for! - Katy Kaumeyer

In need of an engaging, instructional speaker who entertains and inspires business owners to unleash their awesomeness?

Omni Media Designs - Certified Squirrel Herder
Client Love
Working with Katy has given me the tools I needed to jump start marketing my business. Before I was always chasing squirrels, falling down rabbit holes, and spending money on coaches or programs that fell flat. I am thrilled that I've been able to have an online presence that gets noticed, see revenue from product sales, and have an organized marketing system that keeps me on track.
Kari Ainsworth

I highly recommend Katy as a Personal Coach. She is naturally compassionate, honest, and loyal. Coaching comes naturally to her, and she was able to exhibit this for me on a weekly basis. She personally assisted me with multiple goals and was very helpful and an exceptional advisor.
Jody Helgemo-Daniels

I recently went to an all women’s entrepreneur retreat in Denton and was so blessed to hear Katy speak. She talked about self-worth, tips and tricks to build a solid business, and shared personal experiences that I will forever take with me and use. I highly recommend her to speak to and for anyone that needs an awesome speaker or productivity specialist! You rock Katy!
Kelly Hooper-Taylor

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