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With a keen wit and a natural gift for connection, Katy will enthusiastically leave your audience inspired, entertained, and feeling like they’ve just made a new friend. 


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About Katy

As a gifted storyteller, a special-needs mom, a caregiver, and an entrepreneur, Katy has learned to communicate her love for people on and off the stage.

Raising kids on opposite ends of the spectrum, homeschooling, and starting her own business while defeating a nasty voice of dissension led her to realize she couldn’t do it all alone. But she also realized she could do it!

She had to find the right support system, the best cheering section, and a crazy set of friends to motivate, inspire, and encourage. Because of her hope, determination, and stubborn streak, she has created a thriving business and she happily shares her story so others can learn, grow, and hope as well.

She’s the founder of, and Happy Squirrel Herder at, Omni Media Designs. On a personal note – she loves jumping in puddles, being outside, laughing, and spoiling her inner child. And if you’re curious, her youngest, now a young adult, has autism, learning disabilities, extreme social anxiety, and schizophrenia, but he still loves hanging out with her!

She lives by the mantra:

Alone we can do so little, together, we can do so MUCH!

Whether you’re seeking a captivating speaker, a skilled facilitator, or a host to elevate your event, Katy Kaumeyer brings professionalism, authenticity, and a touch of wonder to every engagement. Join her on a journey of transformative experiences that leave a lasting impression and inspire positive change.

Loving Reviews

WOW!!! You are a real unicorn. This is beautiful and so amazing. There is so much content here, so much value. How do I follow this up? I am stunned. I don’t know what I expected, but this is well above any of my expectations.

Rikki Smith

Speaker, Workshop Hostess, Corporate Trainer

I recently went to an all women’s entrepreneur retreat in Denton and was so blessed to hear Katy speak. She talked about self-worth, tips and tricks to build a solid business, and shared personal experiences that I will forever take with me and use. I highly recommend her to speak to and for anyone that needs an awesome speaker or productivity specialist! You rock Katy!

Kelly Hooper-Taylor

DJ, Event Host

I highly recommend Katy as a Motivational Speaker. She is naturally compassionate, honest, and loyal. Speaking comes naturally to her, and she was able to exhibit this for me on at our events. She personally assisted me with multiple goals and was very helpful and an exceptional advisor.

Janine Davidson

Event Coordinator


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Katy is an expert in crafting transformative experiences for diverse audiences.

With a wealth of experience in keynote speaking, workshops, retreats, and virtual presentations, she creates an engaging and meaningful experience for every event.

Workshops & Retreats

Katy is a master facilitator, guiding participants through immersive experiences that foster growth, collaboration, and self-discovery. Her workshops are crafted with precision, offering practical insights that participants can apply to elevate both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Keynote Speaker

Katy captivates audiences with her insightful perspectives on a wide range of topics. From leadership and entrepreneurship, to the intricacies of personal development, Katy’s eloquence and authenticity resonate, leaving a lasting impact on her listeners. She brings a perfect blend of professionalism and warmth to any occasion.

Podcast Guest

Katy’s magnetic presence extends to the podcasting world. She brings her conversational alchemy to the airwaves, sharing wisdom, insights, and anecdotes that inspire and resonate. Katy’s podcast appearances are a testament to her ability to engage and connect, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the next episode.


Empowerment Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness holds a profound transformative power. It serves as the key that unlocks us from a self-made prison. It is a deliberate act of letting go of the emotions of anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, and retribution. Forgiveness brings peace and freedom. It empowers you as you recognize the pain you suffered without letting that pain define you. This empowering process serves as a catalyst for healing and facilitates the progression toward a more fulfilled life.

By learning the art of genuine forgiveness, we cultivate resilience to withstand challenges. 

Building Confidence After Narcissistic Abuse

This thought-provoking talk addresses the unique challenges faced post-abuse. Discover ways to rebuild self-assurance, establish healthy boundaries, and create a thriving atmosphere of hope. This will be an empowering session filled with insights and guidance on turning past struggles into stepping stones for a resilient and confident life journey.

This talk can be structured for entrepreneurs, employees, women’s groups, and large groups, to name a few.

It's Just A Variable - You're Still Very Able

Through real-life examples and practical insights, discover how to maintain your focus and determination, viewing every obstacle as a mere variable in the equation of your journey. Get ready to reframe your perspective and embrace your innate ability to persevere through any challenge.

Explore the mindset shift needed to view challenges as simple variables, and learn the strategies to keep forging ahead, and emerge stronger on the other side.

Tailored to Your Event

No matter what your event topic, Katy’s extensive experience makes her uniquely gifted at storytelling on many topics – it never hurts to ask if it will work for your event.

Katy is available to speak at conferences, retreats, and special programs. Over the years, she has gained an amazing, energetic ability to engage the audience from the moment she steps on stage.




Marketing, Media & Money

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Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

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