Get 2 Steps Ahead

Feel like you’re chasing squirrels and never making any progress? Lost in the endless cycle of “what should I be doing to make that money flow”?

You know that to start the business you need an email list, you need content, you need a website, you need landing pages, and funnels, and freebies, and products, and, and, and!

STOP overthinking it, you just need to get 2 steps ahead. Stop chasing and start herding those squirrels!

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Ready to Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Without an intentional strategy, a purposeful online presence, and a solid, scalable business plan, everything you are currently doing with your business is failing. Let’s change that… Inside the monthly membership, you get… Quarterly Intention Planning Sessions. Monthly Mini-Lessons. All Access Pass – to all current and future courses, templates, planners. Co-Working & Q&A Calls. What are you waiting for? Join the Squirrel Herders Now

Make It Happen


Omni Media Designs - Passion to Profit

Find Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

Course + Workbook

Starting a business? Or are you burned out and overwhelmed? Discover or rediscover your passion to create a low-stress, highly profitable business you love. Pinpoint your unique Zone of Genius so you can make more money doing only the work you love!

Omni Media Designs - Magnetize Your Audience

Design a Killer Lead Magnet

Templates + Workbook

How do you build your perfect customer list? Design an irresistible lead magnet that attracts your raving fans 24/7 and turns them into ready-to-buy customers eagerly waiting for your next offer. Customizable, brandable, reusable templates in Canva.

Make It Happen


Omni Media Designs - Passion to Product

Product Creation Fast & Easy

Course + Workbook

Now that you’re building a list of raving fans, it’s time to turn your passion into products they want to buy. You need a fast product creation plan to quickly go from idea to product to profit.

Omni Media Designs - Packaging Your Passion

Marketing Made Beautiful

Templates + Content Tool

You have a product to sell, it’s time to showcase it. Design eye-catching mockups and create drool-worthy sales copy that entices your people to invest without question.

Make It Happen


Omni Media Designs - Content that Converts

The Ultimate Social Media Planner

Workbook + Template kit

Content creation has never been so easy. With this proven plan, you will design and deliver content that wows, stories that convert, and calls to action that make your fans want to buy more.

Omni Media Designs - Pinterest Made Easy

Pinterest Strategy Planner

Templates + Planner Tool

Get the digital details organized in your business, this workshop uses simple systems to help you eliminate the overwhelm, ditch the clutter, and transform your business so you can increase productivity and profits.

Make It Happen


Omni Media Designs - Ready, Set, Market

A.C.E. Club

Monthly Membership

You need a strategist and an idea-brainstorm-mind-glitter bestie to help you get two steps ahead. This monthly club will help you get your systems running smoothly, your launches planned, and your marketing targeted, so you can focus on your business and stop chasing those squirrels.

Omni Media Designs - Product Launch Bootcamp

Launch Like A Pro

Workshop – Workbook – Marketing Plan

The Product Launch Kit is a transformative journey that will empower you as you design your irresistible new product (with a bonus offer), a drool-worthy marketing plan, and an engaging sales funnel – all leading up to a smashing product launch.



I love Katy’s teaching style. She’s so easy to understand, she laughs, she makes mistakes, she’s real. It’s nice to see someone do the work, rather than just give a slide show. Thank you!

Jenny Blakeslee

Katy has a streamlined approach to keeping me on track and kicking those shiny squirrels to the curb.

My website is now a smooth-sailing selling machine, my social media is managed, and she even helped me to lasso my sparkly drunken squirrels and get them into AA.


Kari Ainsworth

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