Motivational Speaking

Bring in some inspiration and encouragement, laced with a lot of giggles, for your next get together. With laughter, authenticity, and excitement, I will build up your team, energize your group, and brighten up your next meeting. It’s all about the delivery, audience interactions, and enjoyment of the presentation that turn the just-another-planning-meeting meeting into a friendly gathering.

Katy’s Topics Include

Past Engagements


Lack of time? Or lack of priority? Time is our most valuable asset, it’s the only commodity we cannot make more of. Choosing to spend it wisely makes you a good steward of your Time Account.


When you are faced with a thousand ideas, a thousand shiny objects, and your squirrels are all running amuck, you can get overwhelmed and lost. Unwind the chaos in your head through organization.


It is all about choice, attitude, kindness, and gratitude.  When you choose joy, the smiles are contagious, the giggles are inspiring.


Pinterest is an utterly amazing advertising platform for your business, and if you are not using it to its fullest potential yet, you are really missing out!

Katy has been honored to speak at these events:

Polka Dot Powerhouse Ft. Worth

Polka Dot Powerhouse Rockwall

Austin Homeschool Conference

Growin’ Out Loud’ Darlin’ – GOLD University

Legacies of Love – Freedom Fridays

Business Reboot Camp

Boss Babes of Denton Summer Retreat

Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii

Specialized Training Of Military Parents

Marketing, Media & Money Magazine (and Podcast)

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