Hi, I'm Katy from Omni Media Designs

Allow me to introduce myselves, I’m a multi-faceted personality! I am a motivational speaker, a special needs mom, avid reader, sci-fi geek, blogger, organizer, Pinterest Strategist, and creative designer.

When I’m not busy running this agency, I love spoiling my inner child, jumping in puddles, solving puzzles, and being outside. Oh, and I’m realizing a life-long dream… full-time RV living!.

In order to maximize tiny-home living, I’ve become an expert at creating systems and strategies for maximizing organization & productivity.

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We’ve all heard the stories about the mom with kids designing her own business to support her family. Well, mine’s a tad bit different; I have a son whose special situation requires me to be full-time caregiver. That is why I designed a business that gives me the privilege to support him. It also awards me the freedom to work where ever I can get a wifi signal!


I have been blessed with two smart, beautiful kids (now young adults). My daughter has ADD and my son has autism, learning disabilities, severe social anxiety, and Schizophrenia (he’s going to be with me for the rest of my life). I chose to home-school both of them, and rather quickly, I was struck with the complication of teaching two different learning styles.

So, as I was teaching one who could only hyper-focus and the other who couldn’t stay focused, I was learning time management, organization, and how to make everything as easy as possible.

Using multiple techniques, unique systems, and lots of timers, my daughter graduated from high school with an Associates Degree, and 2 years later, her Bachelor’s. My son? Well, he graduated at 18, a feat the doctors said would probably never happen!

When I realized that there were others out there who struggled with organization, simplifying their life, and making time for fun, I knew I had to help. So, I started to share what I knew and how these same processes could help others, too!

As an ambitious entrepreneur your time is valuable, you have a thousand things pulling you in different directions. I hope the advice you find here at Omni Media Designs helps you become the most successful, efficient, and organized person you can be!
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