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The tradition of people envisioning their success journey with a big board filled with cutouts from a magazine and then mounting it on their wall is not always practical for some people. We have recreated the vision board concept into a workbook. We’d like to introduce our Vision Book, to those who would like to journal their visions and have them within easy reach. Plus, you get a bonus of 5 posters to print and hang on the wall, download as wallpaper for your tablet or phone, or add them to your calendar!

Scroll down to see a visual walk-through of the Vision Book!

Inside the Vision Book Printable, you will find pages to collect inspirational quotes, empowering words, and affirmations. There are pages to write down short stories, your bucket list, places you'd like to visit, people you'd like to meet, and foods you'd like to try. There are also volunteer, career and business, spiritual, and free time pages so you can create a vision for those areas of your life, as well.

You also have a special page where you can add in all the important things you want to be remembered for!

BONUS: 5 bonus inspirational printable posters.

In Order to Carry A Positive Action we must develop a Positive Vision Poster Graphic   Vision is the ability to see potential in what others overlook Poster Graphic   It All Starts with a Vision Poster Graphic   It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. Henry David Thoreau Poster Graphic    Hold the Vision - Trust the Process Poster

View a flip-through of the book:

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