Daily Money-Making Activities Kit


As a solopreneur, there are so many things you “could” be doing each day.

The hottest new strategies, the latest marketing trend, the newest dance video. While these things may work for “them”, for us, it’s just chasing squirrels. Trying to do everything is taking away from the real money-making activities. With the Daily Money-Making Activities Kit, you will learn which tasks are essential to staying focused, making the most impact, and bringing in the most money each day.

Not only do you get this 50+ page action-based planner, but you also get a copy of my go-to Business Focus Trello Board! This board has helped countless clients discover what the important tasks are, keep track of details of the business, and actually get things done each day.

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Trends come and go. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of trying them all out… especially when you’re just trying to get ahead.

Let me ask you, do you feel like you running around chasing the squirrels? Wouldn’t you rather be herding the squirrels, keeping them under control?

It’s not uncommon, but the sad truth is, that chasing all these different things is what is keeping you stuck, overwhelmed, and struggling to figure it all out. It’s time to end all that, take control, and make your business the success you know it can be.

With over 50 pages of action-packed activities, you also get a copy of my very popular Business Focus Trello Board!

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