Boost Your Business with A Strategy Session

In 90 minutes you will have a solid plan and the tools to make it happen!


Is your business feeling like it’s stuck? Do you have a lingering project that needs brainstorming? Or do you need to ignite your creativity with fresh ideas? Then a 90-minute strategy session is designed to do just that.


And it’s one of my most sought-after offerings!

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90 Minute Strategy Session


Are you ready to take your business to the next level, complete that lingering project, or ignite your creativity with fresh ideas? This 90-minute strategy session is designed to do just that—discover your business potential today!



—it’s a “mind glitter explosion”

A dynamic and invigorating experience that will ignite your creativity and propel you towards success. Imagine a burst of innovative ideas and strategic insights, all tailored specifically to your business needs. You’ll leave this session not only inspired but also fully equipped with a clear plan of action, practical tools, and newfound confidence to achieve your goals. Get ready to transform your vision into reality with a session that promises to be as fun as it is productive!


Omni Media Designs - Ultimate Social Media Planner

Define Your Vision

Clarify where you want your business to go.

Omni Media Designs - Ultimate Social Media Planner

Create A Blueprint for Your Plan

Develop a step-by-step strategy tailored to your goals.

Omni Media Designs - Ultimate Social Media Planner

Identify Your Next Steps

Pinpoint actionable steps to propel you forward.

Omni Media Designs - Ultimate Social Media Planner

Equip You With The Right Tools

Get the resources and tools necessary to bring your ideas to life.

This isn’t coaching. It’s a strategy planning call. This session is a highly personalized, intensive 90-minute experience designed to deliver immediate value.

Unlike general coaching services, I focus on actionable strategies and practical tools specific to your business. The “mind glitter explosion” approach ensures that you leave not just with ideas but with a concrete, executable plan, and the tools to make it happen.


Plus, the session is designed to be both productive and enjoyable, making the process as engaging as it is effective.

BONUS: Takeaways!


The entire session will be recorded and you can access it anytime you need a refresher.


Receive any resources we develop during our session to support your continued growth.

You Have Questions?

What can I expect to accomplish during the 90-minute session?

During the 90-minute session, you can expect to clarify your business vision, develop a detailed blueprint for achieving your goals, identify actionable next steps, and gain access to tools and resources tailored to your needs. By the end of our time together, you will have a clear and actionable plan to move your business forward confidently.

How should I prepare for the session to get the most out of it?

To get the most out of your session, fill out the pre-session form with as much detail as possible about your business, your current challenges, and your goals. Gather any relevant documents or information that might help us during our discussion. Come with an open mind and be ready to dive deep into brainstorming and planning.

What if I'm not sure what direction I want my business to go in?

That’s perfectly fine! Part of our session will be dedicated to exploring your options and helping you clarify your vision. We will work together to identify your strengths, opportunities, and potential paths forward. By the end of the session, you will have a clearer sense of direction and a plan to pursue it.

Will I receive any materials or follow-up after the session?

Yes, you will receive a recording of the session so you can revisit our discussion at any time. Additionally, any workbooks, templates, or resources we create or reference during our time together will be shared with you. These materials will support you as you implement your plan.



  • Schedule Your Session: Choose a time that works for you from our available slots.

  • Complete a Pre-Session Form: Fill out a brief form with details about your business and goals. The more information you provide, the more tailored and impactful our session will be. But don’t stress—keep it simple!

  • Secure Your Spot: After completing the form, make your payment to confirm your booking. You’ll receive an email with all the Zoom details for our meeting.

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