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Content Creation Coaching-Omni Media Designs-Content Creation for Pinterest Growth
Content Creation Coaching-Omni Media Designs

What is On-Demand Business Support?

This isn’t coaching. You’re not hiring a Virtual Assistant. This is more than that. This is 1-1 accountability sessions on steroids.

* Don’t know how a funnel works? I’ll talk you through the whole process as we design it together, making sure you understand each step.

* Don’t know how to design a landing page to make your customer drool and beg for more? We’ll create it together, so you can recreate the sales step any time.

* Need a fantabulous freebie to grow your audience? We’ll ideate and create a template branded for your business to use over and over.

* Know you need to expand, but you’re stuck with where to go next? We’ll brainstorm and strategize a working plan, and the steps to make that plan happen.

* Specialized help for you and your business, accountability to keep you on task, and the motivation to remind you of your awesomeness.

In a nutshell – just about anything! From mindset to marketing, from time management to digital organization, content creation, business growth, marketing strategies, and so much more!


This is all about moving your business forward and helping you herd your squirrels!

Content Coaching-Omni Media Designs

It’s Like Having Tech Support and an Accountability Partner in Your Back Pocket

Unlimited Access During Business Hours

Instant Answers to Your Burning Questions

Support and Guidance Designed for Your Business

No Calls to Schedule - It's all in the App!

Omni Media Designs-Content Creation for Pinterest Growth

On-Demand Strategy & Support

Here’s What Is Included:

Unlimited access and support Tue-Thu 9am-3pm CST because when you get stuck, you need answers now

Personalized support, feedback, and strategy to move your business forward and create sustainability

A veteran squirrel herder who’s been where you are and knows how to help you make it happen – with ease

…for when you need the motivation and encouragement to make things happen in your business.

Squirrel Herding at it’s finest!

Tell me more

On-Demand Business Growth is a step above a Virtual Assistant. It’s accountability, tech support, coaching, strategy/brainstorming, feedback. Whatever you need to get those to-dos checked off your list. We’ll be using an instant messaging app to communicate, strategize, and work together. The app allows us to text, chat, and use video when needed.

No scheduling calls or the usual back and forth of finding the right time.

Content Coaching-Omni Media Designs

How Does It Work?

Omni Media Designs - On-Demand CoachingApply & choose the timing: It’s important for me to get to know your business, your needs, and your goals. This way we can make sure we are a good fit and I’m the right person to help you.

Omni Media Designs-Content Creation for Pinterest GrowthDownload the FREE Geneva app. This is how we’ll communicate throughout your support project. I’ll also invite you to a shared Google folder to share templates, worksheets, and notes.

Omni Media Designs-Content Creation for Pinterest GrowthYour support access will start at 9 am the day we schedule. You will then have unlimited Geneva access Tuesday through Thursday, from 9am to 3pm CST, for as long as your contract is in place.

Omni Media Designs-Content Creation for Pinterest GrowthNow we start herding those squirrels! During support hours, you can ask me anything about your business, tech support, what to do next, anything you feel will simplify and scale your buiness.



For small projects: funnel, landing page, freebie design. You know what you need, but want help with the details.



For the bigger projects: funnel plan-design-build, business branding package, 60-90 day content creation & design.



This is the super-charged, get all the boxes checked: starting or rebranding your business.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you help with during these support days?
  • Sales funnel design & set-up
  • Content strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Website refresh
  • Product/Service launch planning
  • Virtual summit planning and kits
  • Freebies/eBooks/PDF design/templates
  • Graphic design
  • Get-it-done accountability
  • Business start-up
  • VIP day planning and kits

I have extensive experience building, growing, and creating templates and systems to help entrepreneurs and small business grow and scale their business.

Let’s talk about how we can make your business better. Click here to schedule a free 15-minute Strategy Call

Who will be doing the work? You or me?

Great question! And the short answer is: YES

Yes, you will be doing work on your end, and I will be there to help with the tech, the templates, and anything else you struggle with. I’m here for support, tech help, design guidance, and to be your biggest cheerleader. 

No, you won’t be doing all the work by yourself, instead, we will be working in such a way that you will be able to recreate the process for yourself. And, when you hire your big team, you know how your business runs and what your team should do, how they’ll do it, and why they’re doing it.

Still have questions, let’s talk: Click here to schedule a free 15-minute Strategy Call

I'm not in Central Time Zone, how does that work?

This is going to happen. Messages you send outside my standard hours will be answered as soon as possible. I do my best to work with you when you need me, even if we’re in different time zones.

I'm not familiar with Geneva, how does it work?

Don’t worry, it’s an easy app to use. I can help you while you get to know it and you’ll learn how to use it effectively during our coaching.

It is available on your phone and your computer!

What are your turn-around response times? Is this actual "on-demand" support?

On the scheduled coaching days, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am through 3pm Central Standard Time, I am VERY quick to respond.

Let’s be real, I sit at my computer most days and I ALWAYS have my phone on me.

My clients are my number one priority. The whole reason I do this is to help!

I'm still confused. How, exactly does this work?

Once you’ve filled out the application and we decide this will be a good fit, I’ll send over the contract and invoice. Then we’ll choose a start date and I’ll send you a link to join me in a chat room in Geneva.

When that date rolls around, you will have unlimited access to me via the Geneva app on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the week(s) or months we agreed on. During the hours between 9am and 3pm CST, I will answer questions, offer suggestions, give feedback, record instructional videos, help you create templates, help you design strategies, give content creation guidance, and help all through the Geneva app.

Still have questions? Click here to schedule a free 15-minute Strategy Call

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your workbook Discover Your Purpose

Where Can I Send The Discover Your Purpose Workbook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Discover Your Purpose Guidebook

Where Can I Send

The Resilience Unleashed Guidebook?

Wonderful, go check your email for the link to get your Resilience Unleashed Guidebook

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