Personal & Digital Organization

Why is Organization so important?

When you have a thousand ideas swirling in your head, a thousand shiny objects distracting you constantly, and your squirrels are all running amuck, the overwhelm overcomes and you feel lost. Who doesn’t love the pictures of the clean, white desktop? Doesn’t it make you wish your desk looked that good? Let’s be real, when the desk is neat, the work gets done.

Can I ask about your email account? Is it just as clean and organized? How does that affect your productivity? Ready to get that beast tamed? How about a system to keep it clean and manageable? No more searching around for that lost note, no more apology emails to your client for not getting back with them.

Digital clutter is just as distracting as physial clutter. The good news is…you can organize and purge digital clutter!

The Benefits of Organization


Organization allows you to unwind the chaotic mess in your head. Once you have started to unravel the knot, things will become easier. Projects will run smoothly, emails will get answered, and you will find you have a lot more time than you have had before.

Knowing where everything is and knowing it is easily accessible clears up frustration. And when you are organized, you will become an unstoppable source of power.

I love helping people be more efficient, more organzied, and more productive. It hasn’t always been easy, I’ve made mistakes, and I will be honest, there are days the laundry sits, the dishes are dirty, and there is dog hair on the floor. Organization is a journey, so I am sharing my journey as I gain better organization, experience the minimalist lifestyle, and through all that, increase my productivity.

And have more time for more fun!

Don't Forget How Awesome You Are!


You are an amazing person. You can do anything your set your mind to, please do not feel overwhelmed. Do not feel incapable. You can do this, take it one step at a time. Tackle each task as it presents itself. It will not happen overnight. It is a process, a step-by-step, a journey.

When you decide to make the changes necessary, you will learn how much you are capable of.

Are you ready to ditch the chaos? Are you ready to overcome the overwhelm? Are you ready to get organized?



How A Mouse Started A Purge

Cleaning out clutter is a hard job. Recognizing you have too much stuff is even harder. Admiting it’s time for a change takes courage, determination, and patience. While I don’t recommend doing it all, all at once, I do recommend starting right now. If you continue to put it off, it will never get done.

Here’s the story of a mouse, a house, and too much stuff. 

Options for Reducing The Clutter…

Yay, you have made the choice to make a change. I’ve taken my years of collecting, purging, mistakes, and celebrations and created printable, projects, and strategies to get you organized and help you calm the choas.

Remember to start small. Remember to take it one step at a time. Remember how AWESOME you are!


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