Done For You Pinterest Management Services


For New Pinterest Users

This Six Month Package is an Investment of

$347 Per Month (USD)


Why Six Months?

In our experience, we have found that six months is the perfect commitment to watch your account grow and succeed. 

Marketing on Pinterest is a long term strategy. It takes time to learn your client’s specific search preferences; there will be alterations of keywords, adjustments to the target audience, or updates to the graphics used.

This is all part of the unique techniques we use to gain you the perfect clients who are ready to buy your product or service.

What’s Included with the

Growth & Marketing


Pinterest Account Set-Up

  • Create (or convert) to a Pinterest business account
  • Set up Pinterest Profile and Optimize account profile & bio
  • Enable Pinterest analytics
  • Verify website domain
  • Enable rich pins
  • Find and follow 50 influencers in your niche
  • Create 10 relevant boards with brand-related board titles and descriptions
  • Add 5 relevant client pins to each board
  • Create a board “Best of…” displaying only your pins
  • Enable ‘Feature Boards’

Tailwind Set Up Package

Tailwind is an amazing scheduling tool and an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.

  • Set up Tailwind Account
  • Link Tailwind and Pinterest accounts
  • Research and Apply to join 5 Tailwind Tribes
  • Create monthly pinning schedule (10-25 pins/day)
  • Set up Board Lists
  • Upload client pins to Tailwind

Tailwind Plus account is required for monthly management packages and needs to be purchased by the client.


Focused Growth

The first month is used to focus on a 100% growth model for a duration of time before making the transition to maintenance mode.

What is Included with Growth:

  • Up to 750 relevant, shareable pins scheduled per month (25/day) using a mix of your own content and curated content
  • 30 Branded Pin Designs per month using client content
  • Join one new niche-specific Tailwind Tribe (if needed)
  • Submit 30 client pins a month to Tailwind Tribes
  • Apply to one niche-specific group board
  • Create one new niche-specific personal board
  • Monthly Monitoring and Reporting

Note: In the growth phase, the goal is to grow traffic. Being in growth mode does not mean you will see increasing numbers every, single day.


Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance will include methods and strategies to make the most of Pinterest Marketing.

What is Included with Maintenance:

  • A Unique Marketing Strategy
  • Up to 20 Branded Pin designs
  • Board and pin SEO Optimization
  • Tailwind Tribe search and maintenance
  • Finding and applying to active, niche group boards
  • Up to 600 relevant, shareable pin scheduled per month (20/day) using a mix of your own content and curated content
  • Monthly Monitoring and Reporting
  • Profile Optimization
  • Following up to 50 relevant accounts in your niche each month
  • Monthly strategizing conversation via email to plan for any special marketing for the upcoming month (i.e. product launch, holidays, etc.)


In need of more than 20 branded pin images for your blog posts,
content, or sales products within account management?


Extra branded pin designs can be added on for an additional fee.
We can discuss pricing during the Planning Call.

Already have an established Pinterest Business account?

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