A Power Word = A Powerful Plan

A Power Word = A Powerful Plan

Things don’t change, people change them. But how do you change something? For me, I start by creating a list, then I make a plan, I set all the goals, and I get busy making alterations. Then I get overwhelmed, I get sidetracked, I lose focus, and finally, I decide it’s too much work. What starts as a powerful intention, quickly loses that power. How do you maintain the momentum and make the change actually happen? Let me recommend a power word. It’s a simple idea with incredible motivation, power, and conviction.A Power Word = A Powerful Plan-Gratitude List

One word, or one phrase, can spark the imagination. It can ignite creative fires, launch multitudes of ideas, and remind you of your original intention. It can also keep you accountable to your purpose, to the goals that will facilitate the change you want and need. Sometimes, a power word just comes to you, sometimes you know what you need to focus on without all the extra work. If not, here is a little tip I use when choosing my power word.

Your goals can guide your choice of A Power Word

Just the thought of making and being accountable for goals used to terrify me, but not as much anymore. Because an important lesson of success is learning to see the big picture, then reducing the big picture into smaller bits and details. Remember, not every goal is going to be monstrous or extravagant, in fact, once you choose a major goal, you will have to break down that big one into smaller and smaller goals. Once you have reduced the big goal into more manageable ones, take some time to list out the details of each goal, pay attention to how you describe them, and how each goal makes you feel. Focus on the word, or phrase, that stands out. Write it down and think about it for a day or two.

Another tip… you can have more than one power word. For certain projects I have undertaken, the power word I chose for the year, didn’t quite fit the circumstances, so I chose a special word just for that project.

A Power Word = A Powerful Plan-Vision Book helped me focus

So, let’s get into Power Words…

The Power Word I chose for 2016 is Strong. I have heard the word strong described as having the capacity for endurance or exertion.

Having the capacity. I like the sound of that. Capacity. It just sounds big. Capacity; capable. I can do it.

Endurance is the ability to withstand hardship or adversity; to carry on despite suffering.

I can endure. I am Strong.


Throughout the year, my goals change, but my power word stayed the same. Strong. I noticed that my goals started following my power word, it was fascinating to see how that one word influenced every other part of my life. When I made a goal to improve my self-image, it become a strong self-image. When I decided to get healthy and into better shape, I wanted a strong body. Eventually, everything I planned came from a sense of wanting to become stronger.

My Power Word gave me strength, it made me Strong

So are you. You are strong, you are capable, you can endure. You can make a simple choice every day to become a better version of yourself.A Power Word = A Powerful Plan-How Do You Want to Be Remember?

To be honest, that is what a Power Word is; it is encouragement, strength, hope, and ambition. Your power word is a daily choice to be more strong, to be more active, to be more involved. When you realize that a power word doesn’t have to be overly complicated, it becomes easier to choose, apply, and succeed!

These aren’t monumental goals. They are daily choices to be more strong, to be more active, to be more involved. When we realize that a goal doesn’t have to be so big, it becomes easier to set more of them!

A Power Word = A Powerful Plan-It All Starts with a Vision PosterWhen you’re ready to start making change, you want a Vision Board you can take with you and adjust as your circumstances change. Go grab the Vision Book. It’s a neat way to create a portable, workable Vision Board!


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